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Weigh your options when
replacing a pumping system
Spring 2024


Irrigation systems create green circular fields in the dry Arabi
Lindsay has signed a supply agreement to provide irrigation systems and remote management and scheduling technology in the MENA region.
Irrigation canal winding thru the Arizona desert
Dennis Falaschi, a former head of the Panoche Water District, has pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal water and filing a false tax return.
Groups-urge-NRCS-Keep-climate-smart-irrigation (1)
A coalition, including the Irrigation Association, urges USDA’s NRCS to simplify and maintain key irrigation practices on Climate-Smart list.
Panoramic view of Hoover Dam, summer drought
The decision supplements the 2007 Interim Guidelines to address continued low runoff conditions in the Colorado River Basin. 
SIM Logo_700x467-2 1
Smart Irrigation Month, sponsored by HydroPoint, will emphasize the importance of efficient irrigation in conserving water.
Closeup of blue bonnets with Santa Elana tributary below
The projects will improve irrigation efficiency, support habitats for endangered species and benefit communities.


Galileo CupWheel
Galileo Airless Pivot Tires optimize irrigation pivot performance, reducing soil compaction and erosion while enhancing traction and flotation.
Delta-T Devices
A powerful multi-parameter soil sensor for growers and irrigation system integrators.
Tempo Communications
Designed to lead the market in lightweight ultra-durable locators, the 521E quickly and accurately finds buried wires, irrigation valve solenoids and faults in control cables.

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