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A coalition, including the Irrigation Association, urges USDA’s NRCS to simplify and maintain key irrigation practices on Climate-Smart list.
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Smart Irrigation Month, sponsored by HydroPoint, will emphasize the importance of efficient irrigation in conserving water.
One way of conserving water during strawberry plant establishment and freeze protection is the use of micro/low-volume sprinklers.
Many organizations are failing to implement even the most basic security measures, such as changing default passwords leaving systems exposed.
Concerns about the Columbia River Power System are not new, with legal battles pertaining to it spanning decades. 
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Growers can respond to the survey online and will receive a paper survey at the beginning of 2024.
The Irrigation Association created the E3 program to focus on providing irrigation students with exposure, experience and education.
Variable rate irrigation systems can improve water management because water can be applied in the right amount at the right location.
In many regions within the United States and globally, long-term agricultural water availability continues to be a rapidly rising concern.
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Researchers at CSU are working with farmers to improve irrigation using sensors, satellite imagery and deep learning tech.