Commodity Classic announces schedule
The 2021 Special Edition includes four days of digital content planned for March 2-5.
The TAPS sprinkler and SDI competition will include changes to sorghum in 2021.
CRP program
Ag producers and landowners can sign up for the Conservation Reserve Program until Feb. 12.
soybean maturity
Univ. of Illinois research predicts soybean maturity date using drone images and artificial intelligence.
Chicago wheat
Lack of demand for U.S. cargoes and improving global supply affecting futures.
World Ag Expo
After canceling the in-person event in September, World Ag Expo announces a new online format for 2021.
Thanksgiving dinner costs
According to the Farm Bureau’s annual survey, this feast remains affordable at $5 per person.
Self-reflection during a dry year
In an extremely dry year, Oamek and his neighbor have the opportunity to see a side-by-side comparison of irrigated vs. dryland pasture yield.
On-farm nitrogen production
Pilot project offers new solution for producing nitrogen fertilizer on-site and on-demand using just air, water and renewable electricity.