The irrigation industry has a significant impact on the economy in the U.S. with its impacts totaling nearly $23.3 billion per year.
Registration and housing for the 2023 Irrigation Show and Education Week opened July 12. The event takes place Nov. 27 through Dec. 1.
The practice of precision agriculture, including precision irrigation, could provide a fruitful path to fewer inputs with increased yield.
Even though irrigated agriculture occupies only 20% of the world's cultivated land, it yields 40% of the global food supply.
The Irrigation Association awarded 18 scholarships through the 2023 Anthony W. “Tony” LaFetra Scholarship Program sponsored by Rain Bird.
A person stands in an agriculture field with a cell phone out. The words Stepping Up are overlaid on the image.
Irrigation systems play a critical role in crop growth and yield, and upgrading them can significantly improve efficiency.
A person holds a tablet in a field.
By using irrigation scheduling applications, producers can make informed decisions leading to higher yields with fewer irrigation inputs.
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We really only have to answer two basic questions, “When do I irrigate?” and “How long do I irrigate for?”
It’s time for ag irrigation professionals to think about making the most of their water use by getting involved in Smart Irrigation Month.
Nothing is more important than sharing the message of how efficient, smart water use impacts our world every day.
A person works on a laptop in an agriculture field.
Irrigation professionals have the opportunity to share the importance of efficient irrigation practices through Smart Irrigation Month.