PPP Loan
Coalition urges Congress to work with Small Business Administration on PPP eligibility.
NGWA drilling
Courses for groundwater professionals start with drilling basics online.
Farm income forecast
Farm cash receipts are forecast to increase $20.4 billion (5.5%) to $390.8 billion in 2021.
Farm policy
Group adds 14 new groups to its Steering Committee focused on developing policy proposals.
Honeybee pollinator
Honeybees and other pollinators play an important role in the agricultural ecosystem.
Commodity Classic announces schedule
The 2021 Special Edition includes four days of digital content planned for March 2-5.
Snow on farm
USDA staff are prepared with a variety of program flexibilities and other assistance.
Irrigation drip tubing
The price per pound has increased 95% in nine months.
Laptop and headphones
Reps. Jim Costa and Dan Newhouse are set to speak during the virtual conference.
U.S. Capitol
Committee membership will be evenly split with 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans.
Spinach field
Engineers at MIT have transformed spinach plants into sensors that are capable of detecting materials in groundwater.
Rain Bird Tony LaFetra
LaFetra was a passionate leader who leaves a lasting impact on the irrigation industry.