Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute releases report

The report analyzes various business ecosystems for smallholder irrigation in Rwanda and a number of other things related to food sustainability.

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, Lincoln, Nebraska, at the University of Nebraska released its annual report in December, highlighting a number of initiatives and strategies the institute is pursuing in order to “grow more food with less water.”

“Water and food insecurity have been front page news many times this year with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, severe drought in the horn of Africa, the western U.S. and Nebraska, and devastating floods across much of the productive farmland of the Indus basin in Pakistan,” says Peter McCornick, executive director of DWFI. “This has only underscored the importance of DWFI’s work, and our team has continued to engage purposefully. We have expanded our research and outreach activities, leveraged collaborations and partnerships to address complex issues, and seen marked progress toward impact.”

Among the key parts of the publication is a report analyzing various business ecosystems for smallholder irrigation in Rwanda, information on the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute suite of tools developed to improve irrigation water use and agricultural productivity and help water managers and producers make informed decisions and updates on Nebraska’s policies for groundwater markets and transfers.

“The programs and achievements described in this year’s annual report illustrate DWFI’s global reach. From faces on a screen to boots in the field, we leverage DWFI’s strengths as a University of Nebraska research institution, providing a wealth of expertise and collaboration-building leadership,” McCornick wrote in a letter introducing the report.

The full document can be viewed here.

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