Netafim develops first carbon credits initiative for rice growers

The program was developed to incentivize the environmentally-conscious cultivation of one of the world’s most critical grains.
Rice grower in paddy

Netafim, Hatzerim, Israel, has launched the first carbon credits initiative for rice growers.

The Netafim carbon credits initiative was created to “dramatically reduce methane emissions from rice cultivation to almost zero, while providing additional long-term income to growers.”

“Netafim’s carbon credit program is a pioneering example of our company’s commitment to solving for global food security and economic enablement while contributing to a healthy planet,” says Sameer Bharadwaj, CEO of Orbia, Netafim’s parent company. “Through this program, we are challenging 5,000-year-old assumptions about rice farming and demonstrating better, cleaner and more productive ways to sustain and advance lives around the world, by the billions.”

According to the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, rice is the primary source of sustenance for more than half of the world’s population. It accounts for approximately 21% of global per capita caloric intake, and 27% per capita caloric intake in developing countries.

“If just 10% of paddy rice farmers switch to drip, the drop in emissions will be equivalent to taking 40 million cars off the road,” says Gaby Miodownik, Orbia’s executive vice president and president, Precision Agriculture (Netafim).

“This program marks the first time a carbon credit is being generated based on the application of irrigation technology. Netafim is extremely proud to lead this initiative. In the face of climate change, the only surefire route to sustainable agriculture is to grow more with less— less land, less water and significantly less greenhouse emissions.”

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