EWRS-Pivot Series Airless Center Pivot Irrigation Tire

Evolution Wheel

The EWRS-Pivot series irrigation tire for center pivot irrigation systems is a no-flat tire, engineered with core hole geometry that compresses like traditional air-filled tires for increased traction. In addition to being easier on the driving components, compression pushes out any material that could add weight to the tire, creating a self-cleaning tire. It avoids traction loss with a 14.9-inch by 24-inch build for increased surface area and has a concave profile with an aggressive bidirectional tread design to maximize floatation and traction.

Key features

  • Bolted onto the rim in segments allow for replacement of only damaged segments with a 3/4-inch socket right in the field.
  • High-quality rubber used has UV protection built in to prevent material deterioration and increase longevity, lasting longer than a traditional premium pneumatic pivot tire.
  • No special equipment or training needed.
  • Tires are North American-made with domestic materials.


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