HOBOnet system

Onset Computer Corporation

Optimize irrigation scheduling, improve water use, and increase yields! A reliable HOBO weather station with powerful HOBOnet wireless sensors delivers accurate environmental conditions information – like soil moisture, evapotranspiration, and water data – right to the cloud. So, you can access data and make informed decisions…from anywhere, at any time.

Read how a sustainability-focused farm in California is using HOBOnet today.

Key features

  • Up to 50 wireless sensors communicate weather, in-field conditions, and water use data to a main station, with high-precision accuracy – without the hassle of running cables
  • HOBOlink cloud software provides remote data access and alarm notifications via text or email, so you’re always in the know
  • Near real-time access to soil conditions, including soil moisture and electrical conductivity (EC), enhances decision-making so you can save water and maximize yield
  • Monitor temperature, rain, light, and relative humidity to develop models to optimize irrigation and harvest timing
  • Use soil moisture sensors or calculated evapotranspiration to get the data you need to irrigate just when needed, saving water and energy costs


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