Spinach field
Engineers at MIT have transformed spinach plants into sensors that are capable of detecting materials in groundwater.
Poultry farm
Auburn researchers are working to find alternative water resources for irrigating crops.
Indoor-grown lettuce
Research to focus on preventing discoloration in indoor-grown lettuce and yield and leaf quality.
FFAR grant
The Seeding Solutions grant funds research at the University of Minnesota.
WSU irrigation survey
Survey asks for input from irrigators about how water should be managed.
Ag water use
A new study shows that between 1995 and 2010, water use in the United States for agriculture decreased.
Straight from the field
Researchers share what you need to know about two irrigation methods: mobile drip and subsurface drip.
CIT celebrates 40 years
After 40 years of irrigation technology testing and innovation, the Center for Irrigation Technology is just getting started.
Addressing today’s water challenges & supporting tomorrow’s water users
Research conducted at IIC is focused on tools and technologies to improve irrigation and water-use efficiency.