Snow on farm
USDA staff are prepared with a variety of program flexibilities and other assistance.
Could this be the strongest La Nina since 2011?
La Niña could become the strongest since the 2010-11 event that coincided with the historic drought in the United States.
Summer drought  expected out west
The National Weather Service’s outlook for July-September 2020 highlights the likelihood of wet weather across much of the eastern half of the United States.
In the flooding of 2019, floodwaters receded leaving farmland covered with sand, sediment and all kinds of other debris. Irrigation equipment that has been hit by floating debris should be closely inspected for damage.
What effect did the severe flooding of 2019 have on farmers, farmland and irrigation systems?
Wet & warm spring ahead
What is the likelihood of wet weather across large sections of the Northern Plains and from the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic Coast?