A center-pivot irrigation system stretches out over a field.
The Internet of Things is set to push the future of farming to the next level through smart agriculture techniques.
A man gives a presentation at the Irrigation Show and Education Week.
Innovation Row is a part of the Irrigation Show and Education Week that features ag startup irrigation technology companies.
A portrait of Laura Wilson with the words "Like and subscribe" over the top.
More than 420,000 subscribers later, Laura Wilson’s agriculture and farm-life-themed YouTube channel is a sensation.
A collage of the winners and speakers at the 2022 Irrigation Show and Education Week
The 2022 Irrigation Show and Education Week took place Dec. 5-9 drawing a crowd of nearly 4,000 attendees from coast to coast.
A truck used for measuring weather data
While growers constantly monitor their water use, they generally stop tracking it once it hits the soil.
Going Deep
Soil moisture sensors are a valuable tool that can be utilized to schedule irrigation.
WiseConn, a Chilean agricultural technology company, announced the closure of a round of funding in December 2022.
The Irrigation Association will host a one-hour webinar focused on how to market a business on social media on March 4.
Lindsay Corporation partnered with Ceres Imaging and will incorporate its data analytics platform for agriculture.
Green grass being irrigated.
Jain Irrigation Inc. released a first-of-its-kind water cost monitoring platform in November. The platform is called Jain Unity.