Digital solutions for ag
AgGateway and AEF collaborate on digital solutions for agriculture.
Implementing an irrigation data standard in the real world
Data exchange in ag irrigation has been messy with growers and manufacturers having to deal with multiple data formats.
Women reaching beyond the farm
Learn how these women in agriculture spread their message via social media.
Reinke and Netafim new irrigation products were among the 50 winners.
soybean maturity
Univ. of Illinois research predicts soybean maturity date using drone images and artificial intelligence.
COVID and rural broadband
Surging COVID-19 cases in rural America for the fourth week in a row highlights the urgent need for broadband connectivity and telehealth solutions.
Seeking solutions
Precision irrigation offers established tools for today and exciting options for the future.
Irrigation imagery in future
Using imagery in irrigation management is growing, with many new uses expected in the future.
UAV imagery offers multiple irrigation applications
Drones can assist with irrigation design validation, scheduling and topography mapping.
On-farm nitrogen production
Pilot project offers new solution for producing nitrogen fertilizer on-site and on-demand using just air, water and renewable electricity.