Irrigation drip tubing
The price per pound has increased 95% in nine months.
Laptop and headphones
Reps. Jim Costa and Dan Newhouse are set to speak during the virtual conference.
Rain Bird Tony LaFetra
LaFetra was a passionate leader who leaves a lasting impact on the irrigation industry.
IA Leadership Summit
Impressive lineup of speakers and panelists rounds out the Feb. 10 schedule.
Poultry farm
Auburn researchers are working to find alternative water resources for irrigating crops.
Center pivot
Project will improve sustainability and introduce advanced technology to local farmers.
College scholarship
Students at two- and four-year schools must apply by Feb. 15 to be eligible.
Tomato plant irrigation
University of Minnesota Extension provides new online irrigation resource for vegetable growers.
The TAPS sprinkler and SDI competition will include changes to sorghum in 2021.
Canada irrigation
Canadian organizations formalize an agreement for the Alberta Irrigation Project.