Farm income forecast
Farm cash receipts are forecast to increase $20.4 billion (5.5%) to $390.8 billion in 2021.
Potato sales grow
Potato Expo panel agrees that sales momentum will likely continue through 2021.
No crystal ball when dealing with commodities
Oamek discusses renegotiating 2021 irrigation water leases between central Nebraska irrigators and the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program.
Johansson will be replaced by Seth Meyer as chief economist.
Chicago wheat
Lack of demand for U.S. cargoes and improving global supply affecting futures.
Food inflation forecast
Following highs during the pandemic, the Food Price Outlook indicates a rise in food inflation. 
Thanksgiving dinner costs
According to the Farm Bureau’s annual survey, this feast remains affordable at $5 per person.
Self-reflection during a dry year
In an extremely dry year, Oamek and his neighbor have the opportunity to see a side-by-side comparison of irrigated vs. dryland pasture yield.
Irrigation water providers stay ahead of COVID-19 curve
An impromptu survey about COVID-19 response policies of two water providers yields coronavirus best management practices.
Looking ahead – Recovery & rebuilding
The IA is working with Congress and the administration to promote investment in programs that will build the road to recovery.