Biden announces $5 billion investment to support rural communities

The investment includes $1.7 billion to be put toward climate-smart agriculture, including $250 million earmarked for the EQIP program.
Aerial View of Center Pivot Irrigated Fields in Colorado, USA

The Biden administration, Washington, D.C., announced a $5 billion investment to support rural communities through his Investing in America agenda to advance economic development, competition and sustainability.  

The plan includes $1.7 billion to be put toward climate-smart agriculture, $1.1 billion for rural American infrastructure, $2 billion in investments to partner with rural communities to create jobs and support rural-led economic development, $274 million to expand rural high-speed internet infrastructure and $145 million to expand access to renewable energy and lower energy costs for rural Americans.  

“We are thrilled to be a part of President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda,” says Saundra Glover, USDA rural development South Carolina state director, in a press release.  

$171 million of the total $1.7 billion is allocated to South Carolina to upgrade infrastructure in rural communities that will bring new jobs, clean water and fuel, and reliable electricity. 

“These efforts will help rebuild the physical infrastructure of our country to grow the economy, create good-paying jobs and help rural America prosper,” she says. 

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