Netafim aids UK carbon sequestering initiative

Using Netafim’s drip irrigation system, about 330 acres of Paulownia trees are being planted in the UK to increase healthier yields and carbon storage.
Netafim has implemented its drip irrigation system for a UK plantation aiming to increase yield and carbon-storing capabilities.

Netafim, Tel Aviv, Israel, has implemented its drip irrigation system for a plantation growing carbon-storing trees at the Euston Estate, Suffolk, England, to increase yield and carbon-storing capabilities.

In the first-of-its-kind project in the UK initiated by Carbon Plantations, a variety of Paulownia trees are being planted across about 330 acres of land to produce fast-growing hardwood and absorb carbon dioxide.

The initiative is a part of the UK government’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions. The trees will be thinned out after seven years, their timber sold for light construction and carbon credits will either be claimed or auctioned for corporate carbon offsetting. The project is expected to absorb 165,346 tons of CO2 over the first 10 years of its lifetime.

“We are acutely aware in the urgency of taking action to tackle the climate and ecological crises, and increasing tree planting is a key part of the government’s net zero strategy,” says Nigel Couch, managing director for Carbon Plantations. “…The irrigation infrastructure and consultation that Netafim has delivered is key to the success of this unique project.”

Alongside this, Netafim is partnering with farmers and organizations from around the world to grow more with less.

“Over the last 60 years, we’ve been at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, and we’re excited to continue in this role by both initiating and supporting projects to help reduce and capture carbon emissions,” says John Farner, Netafim chief sustainability officer. “We already know that our drip technology increases water and nutrient use efficiency, while increasing productivity. We are excited to partner with Carbon Plantations to transform the way we are removing carbon from the atmosphere and advancing life around the world.”

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