Theme for Smart Irrigation Month unveiled: 'We are Smart Irrigation'

The theme celebrates the people behind efficient irrigation systems and technologies.
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The Irrigation Association, Fairfax, Virginia, unveiled the theme for this year’s Smart Irrigation Month: “We Are Smart Irrigation.” Each July, Smart Irrigation Month highlights the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation products and services. This year, the focus extends beyond innovative systems and technologies to celebrate the people who make it all possible. 

“Smart Irrigation Month emphasizes the critical role of efficient water use and management in fostering a sustainable future for our communities and the planet,” says Nathan Bowen, Irrigation Association advocacy and public affairs vice president. “Adopting smart irrigation practices allows us to conserve precious water resources, reduce environmental impact and support the agricultural and landscape industries that feed and improve our world.” 

Smart Irrigation Month, sponsored by HydroPoint, will emphasize the importance of efficient irrigation in conserving water, reducing costs and promoting sustainable practices. The theme “We Are Smart Irrigation” aims to recognize and honor the professionals who design, install and manage these systems, showcasing their dedication and expertise. 

“’We Are Smart Irrigation’ celebrates the dedicated professionals who innovate and implement smart irrigation solutions every day,” says Bowen. “From engineers and manufacturers to landscape professionals and farmers, for all of the irrigation professionals, it is their passion and expertise that drive our industry’s success and help ensure a sustainable future for all.” 

To support this initiative, the Irrigation Association will provide downloadable resources on their website, helping businesses and individuals prepare and stay engaged throughout July.  

The Irrigation Association will share resources, industry updates and special features on their social media channels. Followers are encouraged to stay informed and participate by sharing content using #SmartIrrigationMonth. 

A highlight of the month will be Wear Blue Wednesday on July 17. Industry professionals are invited to wear blue and post pictures on social media, tagging the Irrigation Association to share their participation. 

“I encourage everyone, both within the industry and beyond, to ‘opt in’ and get involved with Smart Irrigation Month,” says Bowen. “Your participation helps drive innovation, promotes sustainable practices and highlights the importance of water conservation. Together, we can make a significant impact on our environment and communities.” 

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