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Association news | Spring 2023
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Read about summer 2022 updates in the ag industry from the Irrigation Association.

The Irrigation Association, Fairfax, Virginia, is hosting a series of webinars intended to cover issues current and relevant to those working in the industry today. They feature knowledgeable experts presenting information about industry trends, research, best practices and techniques for implementation in the field. Industry Insights webinars are available to the public and most offer participants continuing education units. In addition to the upcoming webinars, the IA also has 30 agriculture-related webinars available for purchase at

April 26 webinar: ROI of Improving Drip Irrigation System Distribution Uniformity

Inge Bisconer, CID, CLIA, managing member, Surf ‘N Earth Enterprises; Jim Anshutz, PE, owner, Ag H2O Inc.; and Tom Devol, senior manager, field outreach and education, Almond Board of California, will host a webinar titled “ROI of Improving Drip Irrigation System Distribution Uniformity.” This session will discuss the magnitude of drip irrigation in the United States and California and the importance of using distribution uniformity measurements to assess existing drip irrigation system performance. The panel will discuss how DU is measured, the results of DU measurements taken to date in California and the potential implications of poor DU in terms of input costs, foregone yield/quality and environmental implications. Attendees will also learn about two efforts underway to improve poor on-farm drip irrigation system DU. | Register Now

May 25 webinar: Irrigation’s Role in Sustaining Value & Mitigating Risk

Kyle Brungardt, senior vice president, Rabobank; Julie Bushell, vice president, Water Solutions, Paige Electric and president, Paige Wireless; Amy Kremen, Colorado State University, associate director of the Irrigation Innovation Consortium; and Colby Pellegrino, deputy general manager – resources at Southern Nevada Water Authority, will host a webinar titled “Irrigation’s Role in Sustaining Value & Mitigating Risk.” Attendees will learn about rapidly evolving factors and pressures that lenders and investors are using to shape their actions, products and tools in the past year and years to come and how these factors and pressures will likely affect the irrigation industry. | Register Now

Save the date for the 2023 Irrigation Show and Education Week

The 2023 Irrigation Show and Education Week will take place Nov. 27-Dec. 1 in San Antonio, Texas. The Irrigation Show brings the brightest minds and the latest innovations in irrigation to one place. The 2022 Irrigation Show and Education Week took place Dec. 5-9, in Las Vegas and drew a crowd of about 4,000 attendees from around the world. Watch the website for more information and for registration and housing opening in July. | Learn More




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