USDA to invest $1B in climate-smart commodities
The U.S. Department of Agriculture will invest $1 billion in partnerships to support climate-smart farmers, ranchers and forest landowners.
Walmart invests in vertical farming company
Through the partnership, Walmart hopes to utilize indoor vertical farming to deliver fresh produce to its stores.
CREP updates
The updates include increased flexibility for matching requirements, extended outreach and new partner types.
Florida woman ag award
Angela TenBroeck won the award for her efforts in sustainable ag work, food insecurity and social change.
Israeli ag tech companies and four Arab neighbors have combined forces to halt impending climate change that is estimated to make the Middle East uninhabitable
Netafim is among those working together to combat issues like widespread drought.
McDonald’s USA has announced that it has partnered with AgMission, a global collaboration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, to develop and implement climate-smart farming solutions with a $5M commitment over the next five years.
The restaurant’s goal is to achieve net zero emissions across its global operations by 2050.
With the western part of the United States experiencing increasing droughts, California’s CoCo San Sustainable Farm is working to find sustainable solutions to irrigate the land and sustain the local community.
California farm finds sustainable solutions by using treated wastewater to grow crops.
Columbine Vineyards, producer of the popular Holiday table grapes in California’s San Joaquin Valley, has now become the first Sustainably Grown Certified table grapes producer in the United States.
Columbine Vineyards uses a comprehensive approach to irrigation management, maximizing water efficiency with the latest technology.
The 2021 Farm to Fork Europe 100% digital event is scheduled for June 22-24.
The 100% digital conference June 22-24 will focus on sustainable agricultural solutions.
SVG Ventures | THRIVE, a global agrifood venture and innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, is partnering with Bayer, a world innovator in seeds and crop protection, to launch the THRIVE | Bayer Sustainability Challenge.
The Challenge will identify and accelerate emerging technology solutions.