2022 Census of Agriculture now available

The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches and the people who operate them.

The 2022 Census of Agriculture, conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Washington, D.C., provides detailed data on American agriculture, including over 6 million data points covering farms, ranches, and their operators down to the county level.  

The results reveal a 7% decline in the total number of U.S. farms since 2017, alongside an increase in new and beginning producers (operating 10 or fewer years) and young producers (under age 35). The census shows there are 1.9 million farms and ranches, with an average size of 463 acres, encompassing 880 million acres of farmland, which constitutes 39% of all U.S. land. 

“We are pleased to provide updated Census of Agriculture data to all those who serve U.S. agriculture, especially the producers who gave their time to complete the questionnaire,” says NASS Administrator Hubert Hamer. “Census of Agriculture data tell a story. This comprehensive snapshot every five years helps data users to see trends and shifts in the industry over time and helps producers do business. Overall, though there are always changes across U.S. agriculture, the data remain largely consistent with the previous ag census. Data users will also notice some new data on the topics of hemp, precision agriculture and internet access.” 

Key findings include: 

  • 95% of all farms are family-owned and operated, covering 84% of the land in farms. 
  • Agricultural products produced totaled $543 billion, with net cash income of $152 billion and average farm income at $79,790. 
  • Internet access on farms has risen to 79%. 
  • There has been a 15% increase in farms and ranches using renewable energy systems, with solar panels being the most common. 
  • Direct sales to consumers from 116,617 farms amounted to $3.3 billion. 
  • Farms with sales of $1 million or more make up 6% of U.S. farms and sell over three-fourths of all agricultural products. 
  • Oilseed and grain production and beef cattle production dominate farm use, accounting for 32% and 40% of farmland, respectively. 
  • The average age of all producers is 58.1, with over 1 million farmers having 10 or fewer years of experience. 
  • Producers under age 35 total 296,480, making up 9% of all producers. 
  • There are 1.2 million female producers, accounting for 36% of all producers, with 58% of farms having at least one female decision-maker. 

The response rate for the 2022 Census of Agriculture was 61%, with more than 40% of responses submitted online. 

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