The Irrigation Association signed on to a letter asking legislators to include $750 million in funding for FFAR through the 2023 Farm Bill. 
The Irrigation Association announced that Alan Ence has been appointed to the IA Board of Directors. 
Interior allocates-$152-million
The Department of the Interior allocated $152 million dollars for water storage and conveyance projects in the Western U.S. through H.R.3684.
The quarterly magazine won first place in the Opening Page or Spread Design - Commercial category.
The House of Representatives drafted bipartisan legislation to revise seasonal work visa programs to address labor shortages. 
Irrigation-Association-joins-Tomorrow-Workforce Coalition
The IA has joined the Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition, a group of companies with a mission to build support for workforce development policy.
Aavudai Anandhi, PhD, PE, of Florida A&M University, is the recipient of the 2023 Excellence in Education Award.
Upgrading outdated irrigation systems can provide rapid returns on investment and significant savings for growers.
Water is a critical input in agriculture, reducing uncertainty in ensuring food and nutrition security and meeting fuel and clothing needs.
The Department of the Interior is initiating the process to develop future operating guidelines and strategies to protect the Colorado River.