What's on the horizon?
Irrigation Today found some of today’s most interesting research projects.
The green future of Kazakhstan
Thirst for innovation and sustainability grows in Central Asia.
With microirrigation, indoor production allows growers to avoid environmental challenges and produce more.
With microirrigation, indoor production allows growers to avoid environmental challenges and produce more.
Roric Paulman (right) and his son Zach currently farm around 6,000 acres in western Nebraska.
Irrigation Today caught up with Paulman for a Q&A about technology use on his farm and what he foresees for the future. 
Colorado River Economy George Oamek
There has been considerable discussion about who has water rights that predate the 1922 Colorado River Compact.
New direction is set fo U.S. agriculture
Sustainable and regenerative agriculture will play major roles at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Implementing an irrigation data standard in the real world
Data exchange in ag irrigation has been messy with growers and manufacturers having to deal with multiple data formats.
Women reaching beyond the farm
Learn how these women in agriculture spread their message via social media.
Election 2020: What will 2021 & beyond mean for irrigation policy?
As we enter a new year, the challenges facing our industry continue to grow.
No crystal ball when dealing with commodities
Oamek discusses renegotiating 2021 irrigation water leases between central Nebraska irrigators and the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program.
2020 New Product Contest
These new irrigation and specialty products and technologies were 2020 winners.
Optimizing irrigation water
PAM optimizers are powerful tools for irrigation and are most effective when the application is customized for the circumstances.
Could this be the strongest La Nina since 2011?
La Niña could become the strongest since the 2010-11 event that coincided with the historic drought in the United States.
Protect Colorado River
What are we doing to safeguard the lifeblood of the American West?
Straight from the field
Researchers share what you need to know about two irrigation methods: mobile drip and subsurface drip.
Seeking solutions
Precision irrigation offers established tools for today and exciting options for the future.
Irrigation imagery in future
Using imagery in irrigation management is growing, with many new uses expected in the future.
California groundwater recharge
Recent renewed interest in groundwater recharge in California brings new science, institutions, markets and investments.
Uniting the value chain to advance racial justice in U.S. agriculture
Representatives from Field to Market discuss their latest efforts toward advancing inclusion and racial justice.
Continuing priorities – Agricultural innovation  & coronavirus relief
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been working on several initiatives that directly affect agricultural irrigation.
Self-reflection during a dry year
In an extremely dry year, Oamek and his neighbor have the opportunity to see a side-by-side comparison of irrigated vs. dryland pasture yield.
Summer drought  expected out west
The National Weather Service’s outlook for July-September 2020 highlights the likelihood of wet weather across much of the eastern half of the United States.
UAV imagery offers multiple irrigation applications
Drones can assist with irrigation design validation, scheduling and topography mapping.
Choosing the right water application package
Understanding the factors that affect pivot water application performance is important when considering today’s technology options.
How has COVID-19 affected the ag irrigation industry?
Professionals in various sectors of the ag irrigation industry share how the pandemic has affected their company.
CIT celebrates 40 years
After 40 years of irrigation technology testing and innovation, the Center for Irrigation Technology is just getting started.
Addressing today’s water challenges & supporting tomorrow’s water users
Research conducted at IIC is focused on tools and technologies to improve irrigation and water-use efficiency.
Companies share smart irrigation stories
Read about these companies working hard to promote smart and efficient irrigation.
Irrigation water providers stay ahead of COVID-19 curve
An impromptu survey about COVID-19 response policies of two water providers yields coronavirus best management practices.
Looking ahead – Recovery & rebuilding
The IA is working with Congress and the administration to promote investment in programs that will build the road to recovery.
On-farm nitrogen production
Pilot project offers new solution for producing nitrogen fertilizer on-site and on-demand using just air, water and renewable electricity.
In the flooding of 2019, floodwaters receded leaving farmland covered with sand, sediment and all kinds of other debris. Irrigation equipment that has been hit by floating debris should be closely inspected for damage.
What effect did the severe flooding of 2019 have on farmers, farmland and irrigation systems?
Well drilling mistakes
Put experience and expertise on your side to avoid costly irrigation well drilling mistakes and failures.
The CO$T to move water
With the expense of running a pump, it is valuable to know how to determine your energy costs to irrigate.
Arc flash safety for irrigation systems
New information about the cause of electrical accidents has led to revised safety requirements.
Survey provides insight  into on-farm challenges & decision-making
Breaking down Western water issues in light of the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Irrigation and Water Management survey
USDA irrigation survey
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service recently reported results gathered from the 2018 Irrigation and Water Management Survey.
A Cuban tobacco farmer ties up harvested tobacco leaves.
On a recent trip to Cuba, Stephen Smith got a firsthand look at agriculture in this unique country south of Florida.
Wet & warm spring ahead
What is the likelihood of wet weather across large sections of the Northern Plains and from the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic Coast?
IA highlights importance of irrigation technologies to  boost productivity to Congress
In March, the IA joined together with the NGWA and the WQA to host the annual Water Resources Congressional Summit.
Weighing wireless options
With different technologies available, it can be a challenge to evaluate which wireless communication is best for your irrigation operation.
Printed pipe offers  solution for surface irrigators
Surface irrigators now can use a computerized hole selection method that adjusts the size of holes punched to control the water flow.